Mayor Hatem Regarding the Closure of  W. Brunswick St. 

I was on Brunswick Alley and Brunswick Street this morning to survey the change in traffic pattern for the work scheduled to repair/stabilize W. Brunswick Street.

Due to multiple factors, including the project had to begin today due to the contractor’s schedule and not on a Monday; this is will be a busy weekend for the city and especially in the Yacht Basin; the flow of traffic must be minimally interrupted particularly with the high volume on the weekend, and pedestrian safety is one of our main concerns. Because of these many factors, the city is going back to the original traffic pattern.  This is not ideal as this is a narrow alley, but using Brunswick Alley to leave the Yacht Basin area on a busy weekend is the least disruptive and safest alternative. This shows that City of Southport adapts and evolves as the situation changes and as Mayor, it my job to listen to all our citizens and in consultation with the City Manager, the Police Chief, the Director of Public Services and with the Mayor Pro Tem, We made the decision to return to the original plan. There will be signage, and staff in the Yacht Basin to assist with traffic flow.  All businesses are easily accessible and open. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

Mayor Hatem

Brunswick Street.