Moving to Southport? Newly arrived? This is for you.

Resident Information

Following is the information we hope may make your move a little easier.

Come for a day and you’ll stay for a lifetime. The quaint historic City of Southport is an ideal choice for any relocating individual, family or business. City of Southport area businesses and residents enjoy an unparalleled quality of life. Southern hospitality, a rich history, natural beauty, warm weather and year-round activities and events, are just a few of the reasons many are happy to call the area home.

Melynda Dovel Wilcox said it best in a 1992 Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine article entitled “Retirement Spots That Feel Like Home.” About the Southport-Oak Island Area she wrote:

“an authentic community with school buses, college students, working families – instead of planned communities of look-alike houses. Quiet streets instead of congested mall parking lots, changing seasons rather than endless summers and a chance to stand out and be different rather than blend in with the other retirees…also a low-to-moderate cost of living.”

Do you have a golf cart? The City of Southport requires you to obtain a permit for use annually.

The City of Southport uses an outside entity called Civic Pay Online. To learn more about the Finance Department, and learn how to pay your bills online, follow this navigational link.

Are you moving to the area, transferring service, or disconnecting your service? We have helpful information on how to proceed.

At the Southport Parks & Recreation Department, we work hard to make sure that Southport’s children, teens, and seniors are offered age-appropriate activities that are fully supervised by our trained staff.

Staying connected with the community is a priority for the City of Southport. Our community notification system “SOUTHPORT CONNECTED!” gives residents, businesses, and visitors 24/7 access to important emergency alerts as well as general community updates.

The City of Southport offers several options for Rental Facillities, no matter what type of event you are trying to host.

How do I set up a new service? Where can I find information about Brunswick County Convenience Centers? Click here to find out.

This link takes you to our Viewpoint Permit Portal, which walks you through the process of permitting for several things relating to your home’s property.

The objective of the City Newsletter is to help readers become familiar and more connected to the wonderful things happening within Southport.  Departments and committees discuss the special projects they are working on, their community engagements, and recognize outstanding employees.

If you feel that there is a violation of the Code of Ordinances in Southport, please submit a Code Enforcement Complaint.