April 9th Board of Aldermen Meeting

April 9th Board of Aldermen Meeting

* Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at Community Building, 223 E. Bay Street, at regular time – 6:00 p.m.
* Meeting will be closed to public “in person” attendance in accordance with Governor’s Order restricting of gathering of 10 or more people
* Meeting will be live streamed on Facebook
* Public Comments will be accepted prior to meeting via public submission to [email protected]

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to CDC recommendations,
the Governor’s Executive Order and the City’s State of Emergency Regulation to protect the public safety.

To view the live meeting while it is streaming live, open Facebook and search for the “City of Southport NC” page. The video will also be posted to the city website (www.cityofsouthport.com) and to our new YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtbbQ_rgyivyr_ldjNUbpQ/) shortly after the meeting.

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 1

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 2

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 3

4-9-20 Agenda, Part 4