Public Notice – Cloudy Water


Brunswick County water system customers may see changes in your tap water, such as a cloudy or milky appearance.

Cloudy water is almost always caused by air in the water. One of the many properties of water is its ability to dissolve gases – including air. Sometimes the air comes back out of the water in the form of many tiny bubbles; this gives the water a milky-white appearance. The bubbles are harmless and not a health concern. It may take several minutes for the air to escape but as it does, the water will clear. Water in the Brunswick County distribution system is under pressure, oxygen in the water is entrained until the pressure is released at the tap. We are currently adjusting pump settings to alleviate this issue.

While it can have an unpleasant appearance, dissolved oxygen in the water is not harmful. This is a natural phenomenon and is completely normal; the water is safe to use.


Mickey Thompson

Brunswick County Public Utilities

Water Distribution Superintendent