Public Notice

The City of Southport will receive sealed proposals for the following: DIESEL-POWERED HEAVY-DUTY REGENERATIVE AIR STREET SWEEPER (1)

Proposals will be received at the City of Southport, City Hall, 1029 N. Howe St., Southport NC, 28461, until 2:00 PM, February 18, 2022. It shall be the bidders’ responsibility to determine their method of transmittal such that their bids will arrive in the City’s office prior to the scheduled bid opening.

The City cannot waive or excuse late receipt of a delayed and late proposal for any reason. Late submissions will not be accepted and will remain unopened. Any proposal received after the proposal opening date and time will be immediately disqualified in accordance with applicable law and administrative rules and regulations applicable to the City.

All proposals must be enclosed in a sealed envelope. The outside of the envelope must include the name and address of the proposer and be clearly marked as follows:

ATTN: Dorothy Dutton; City Clerk
RFP: Diesel Powered Heavy Duty Regenerative Air Street Sweeper (1)
Bid Opening Date: February 18, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.
Southport Police Department Conference Room
1029 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461

The City reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals.

These specifications describe a Diesel-Powered Heavy-Duty Street Sweeper (hereinafter referred to as “unit”) to be purchased by the City of Southport (hereafter referred to as “City”); define the provisions to be contained in proposals for the sale of a said unit to the Town; establish an enforceable schedule for delivery; and establish criteria for gauging the compliance of the bidder to these specifications.

The current purchasing procedures and any new procedures or requirements that are promulgated after the request for bids are issued and which are established by an addendum to the requests for bids regarding bidding as established by the City shall apply.

Bidders shall return an original set of these specifications and three (3) copies with all information provided, as requested herein.

It may be determined by the City that non‐compliance with a unit specification does, or does not, reduce the quality and performance of the affected unit below an acceptable level or that it may or may not represent the best value purchase because of such non‐compliance.

Bidders are to submit additional manufacturer’s literature and information pertinent to their proposal as may be available. Bidders may submit more than one proposal if different unit models are to be offered.

The unit shall arrive at the prescribed delivery point having been completely pre‐serviced with oil, lubricants, coolant, and tire pressure; with all equipment completely assembled, installed, and operating as designed; and all required adjustments and corrections made to make the unit immediately ready for its designed and continuous operation. All prescribed precautions pertaining to first operations and break‐in of the unit shall be posted conspicuously on the unit for ready observance by the operator.

Upon delivery, the City will perform a complete inspection of the unit to assure that it meets the City’s specifications or acceptable alternatives.

The City intends to open this procurement to a wide audience of bidders. The
specifications outlined herein generally describe a unit that the City feels
best meets its needs. However, the City will consider any reasonable alternates to the specifications if the bidder can demonstrate that the proposed alternative is comparable in performance, quality, and functionality.

The City realizes that certain models can have features beneficial to the City even though such features may not be specifically described in the technical specifications.

The vendor must submit available literature and supporting documentation describing the unit in as much detail as possible. If the vendor wishes to point out certain beneficial features of his proposed unit, it may do so in a separate document included in its bid submittal package.

In evaluating the bids, the City may consider any special or unique features not included in the technical specifications.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason determined by the board to be in the best interests of the City. The City shall award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders, taking into consideration quality, performance and the time specified in the proposals for the performance of the contract.

The delivery point of the completely assembled unit will be to the City of Southport Public Services office, 1010 N. Howe St., Southport NC 28461 within one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days after the purchase agreement by the successful bidder.

Marking “comply” with this specification indicates that the bidder WILL deliver the unit within one hundred and twenty (120) days. If the unit is not delivered within one hundred and twenty (120) days, or alternate days proposed, the City has the right to: (1) cancel the award and negotiate with the second-highest ranked bidder; or (2) assess a liquidated damages penalty against any successful bidder that fails to deliver the unit within the specified time period of $25.00 per day for each day beyond the specified deadline for delivery. Any delays occasioned by forces outside the bidder’s control will be considered by the City when assessing any penalty.

The City is seeking a replacement for its current 2001 Tymco 600 regenerative air street sweeper.

The bidder shall identify the unit by manufacturer, model, series, and year of manufacture, so as to enable identification by the City in the manufacturer’s sales literature on the proposed unit. The bidder shall submit complete descriptive literature showing that the proposed unit is the manufacturer’s most current model, including the latest engineering improvements, which have been or shall imminently be regularly advertised and sold on the open market. The description of the unit shall also be sufficient to assure the City that specifications will be met without improvising, modifying, or augmenting a standard unit beyond those variations contained in the manufacturer’s regularly advertised specifications.

One (1) operator manual and USB shall be included with the unit upon delivery. In addition, there shall be a total of one (1) service, shop, or maintenance manual or USB, and one (1) parts manual or USB included with the total delivery.


• The vendor certifies that the proposed regenerative air street sweeper unit is offered commercially as a standard package on the market.
• The vendor shall provide a unit to demonstrate to the City that it is a “like” model.
• The sweeper unit shall be a diesel-powered, water-cooled, charge air-cooled, turbocharged electronic Final Tier 4 emissions industrial engine.
• The sweeper unit’s diesel engine shall be a minimum of 275 cubic inches, Minimum of 75 HP.
• Engine ECU shall be programmed to provide automatic engine monitoring and shutdown when engine problems are detected, such as high coolant temperature, low coolant levels, or low oil pressure.
• All engine controls shall be located inside the cab.
• Hopper size to be approximately eight cubic yard volumetric measurement with an operating load capacity of not less than six cubic yards.
• Hopper to be stainless steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance or coated corrosion-resistant lining with a lifetime warranty with remote drop‐down screens.
• Hopper will be equipped with a dump assist shaker.
• Abrasion protection package.
• High Output water system for sweeping in dusty conditions.
• Extra water nozzle in the hopper for dusty conditions.
• Hopper drain for sweeping in the rain.
• Hydraulic cylinder movement shall be controlled using an electric toggle switch located on the side of the hopper so discharging can be viewed during dumping.
• In addition to the standard dump switch mounted on the side of the sweeper, a dump switch shall be mounted inside the cab on the sweeper control panel.
• An auxiliary electric over hydraulic system used to dump the hopper shall be supplied.
• High volume nozzle hopper deluge cleanout system shall be attached to a fire hydrant for flushing hopper interior with quick disconnect fittings on nozzle and filler hose.
• Amber beacon lights, SAE Class 1, shall be mounted on the rear of the hopper roof.
• Heavy‐duty protective limb guards shall be supplied for beacon lights.
• Unit to have a lighted LED arrow stick Whelan TAC85LH or equal minimum 44″ long and will be mounted on the rear of the hopper. Controls shall be inside the cab mounted near the sweeper controls.
• Heavy-duty, wear-resistant, high strength turbine type open face blower shall be provided to create sweeper air pressure and suction efficiently.
• The blower shall be computer balanced.
• An LED floodlight shall be supplied for both left and right of pickup head for added visibility during night sweeping. They will be controlled from inside the cab.
• Dual gutter brooms shall be wire-filled vertical digger type for removing debris from the gutter area.
• Gutter broom down pressure shall be adjustable.
• Each gutter broom shall have an adjustment for bristle contact pattern and wear compensation.
• Each gutter broom shall have lateral flexibility to swing rearward when encountering the impact of an immovable object, thus avoiding damage to the broom assembly.
• Each gutter broom shall be controlled by a single electric toggle switch from inside the cab.
• Each gutter broom shall have the ability to operate without being extended.
• In‐cab gutter broom rotation variable speed controls shall be supplied.
• A LED floodlight shall be supplied for both left and right gutter brooms.
• Unit shall have the capability of operating both gutter brooms simultaneously.
• Water tank(s) shall have a 250‐gallon minimum capacity constructed of recyclable polyethylene for strength and puncture resistance.
• Tank(s) shall be 100% rustproof.
• The water tank must have baffles built‐in for vehicle safety or be multiple tank design for the same effect.
• A sight level gauge shall be supplied for a water tank(s).
• All sweepers’ operating controls shall be mounted inside the truck cab and readily accessible to an operator in either right or left driving positions.
• All main electrical systems. i.e., ignition, lights, hydraulic, and water shall be separately fused to isolate electrical problems to the fused area to simplify and speed service.
• Cab and chassis shall be commercially manufactured and fully equipped for highway operation and compatible in size, weight capacity, and function for use with the sweeper unit proposed. Unit shall be NON-CDL.
• Chassis shall be a conventional design w/Tilt Hood, Model Year “2022” or newer. The vendor awarded this bid shall discuss what truck manufacturer is available for this application.
• Dual operator-controlled integral power steering with cruise control and tilt shall be supplied.
• Cab shall have factory-installed air conditioner. After-market air conditioners are unacceptable.
• Total chassis warranty coverage shall be clearly stated.
• Engine (Diesel) warranty coverage shall be clearly stated.
• Transmission warranty coverage shall be clearly stated.
• Cab corrosion coverage shall be clearly stated.
• Chassis warranty is 100% parts and labor unless otherwise noted as provided by the chassis manufacturer.
• Training to be offered by the manufacturer with a list of times and dates.
• Bidder shall provide operator/safety/maintenance procedures for the unit at the time of delivery.
• Camera system for pickup head and backup camera.
• 12″ fender-mounted parabolic mirrors.
• Any other additional options will be considered.