The City of Southport Website & Events Calendar

One of the primary ways that we share important information about Southport is through this website.

We offer topics here that are of interest to residents, local businesses, and visitors from meetings and events to emergency information and City ordinances.

The City of Southport Events Calendar

You’ll find an overview of all of the City meetings and events, as well as non-profit organization activities happening in Southport. Check it out here.

Would you like to add your event to our calendar? We are happy to help promote free events that are hosted by local non-profit organizations. If this is you – send your event details to Lisa Anderson.

Let’s Get Social!

The City shares information about community events, public meeting notices, public services projects such as road closures, emergency notifications, and other topics that benefit the Southport community.

Check out the following channels and be sure to “follow” us on Facebook and “subscribe” to our YouTube channel to be notified of new posts!

City of Southport NC

This is our primary page for sharing information on Facebook. You’ll find event information, updates from the Mayor, public notices from City administration, traffic and road closure updates, meeting notifications, and other helpful information for our community.

Southport NC Emergency Information

This page is where we share important information and updates on weather emergencies and other urgent issues that impact Southport and its residents.

City of Southport NC

You’ll find the majority of our videos on our YouTube channel, including live-streamed Board of Aldermen meetings and local events.

City of Southport

We love sharing all of the fun things happening in Southport on our Instagram channel. Look for lovely pictures and videos of our charming coastal city and info on events and activities throughout the year!

The Communications Department manages Southport CONNECTED!, which is the notification tool that the City uses to share Community Updates, event information, Public Notices, and emergency alerts with Southport residents. You may choose what types of information will be sent to you when you register.

If you would like to receive the monthly Southport Newsletter, you may sign up through Southport CONNECTED!. You do not have to be a Southport resident to sign up to receive the Newsletter.

These notifications are sent out via email, text, and phone (emergency notifications) based on your preferences at registration.

If you include your physical address when you sign up, you can receive emergency alerts from the National Weather Service as well as notifications about things that pertain to your specific area such as mosquito sprays or electrical outages.

You can register and find all of the details about Southport CONNECTED! here.

City of Southport Monthly Newsletter

The objective of the City Newsletter is to help readers become familiar and more connected to the wonderful things happening within Southport.  Departments and committees discuss the special projects they are working on, their community engagements, and recognize outstanding employees.

Would you like to sign up to automatically receive the City of Southport Newsletter each month?

Sign up for SOUTHPORT CONNECTED!, our community communication system, and you can get your very own digital copy delivered to your email while it’s still hot off the press!

When you register, be sure to select “Community Updates” and you will be registered to receive the newsletter each month. You can also sign up for important Emergency Notifications while you’re there!

Southport Newsletter

Live-Streamed Content – When You Can’t Be There…

The Communications Department is responsible for all video production for the City of Southport, including bringing you meetings and events “in the moment” online.

City of Southport Board of Aldermen Meetings

If you can’t attend the monthly Board of Aldermen meeting in person, it is also available via a live-stream feed to our website (where you’ll also find the agenda), on our Facebook page, and on our YouTube channel.

Live-Streamed Events

From time to time we live-stream one of Southport’s great events so that we can bring a little bit of the fun to you at home. These events are typically streamed to our Facebook page, where you can see real-time, or watch later when you’re catching up on social media.

Community Update Videos

The Communications Department collaborates with the Mayor to bring you video updates on important topics in Southport.

The Mayor’s Community Update videos are a great source for keeping up to date with what’s happening in Southport such as the status of municipal projects, or special proclamations and announcements. 

If you’d like to be notified when a new Community Update is available, sign up for Southport CONNECTED!, our community notification tool. You may choose to receive notifications via email or text (or both).

Community Update Archive Library

Patriot Day
Project Update
Flags at Ft. Johnston

Media Relations & Public Information

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Lisa Anderson
Asst. Director, Communications
[email protected]

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson
Asst. Director, Communications
[email protected]