Special Called BOA Meeting

Southport Water Tower

Special Called BOA Meeting, Thursday, March 19, at 2 PM, Southport Community Building

Mayor Hatem has called a special emergency meeting of the BOA to address COVID-19 response by the City. The meeting will be at the Community Building and attendance shall be limited inclusive of BOA and staff. The only item on the agenda is discussion of City’s response to the COVID-19 situation, including response plans and actions to be taken.

We are keeping with the current mandate for social distancing. We want to ensure that as many citizens as possible can view this discussion real-time, so we will be streaming the meeting on Facebook Live. We will also make the video available on the city website (www.cityofsouthport.com) after the meeting.

Comments and questions may be submitted electronically after the meeting at www.cityofsouthport.com/top-menu-items/contact and will be read into the record by the mayor in the following BOA meeting.

Please keep in mind that the city is currently working on an enhanced end-to-end video streaming solution for government meetings. The video strategy for tomorrow’s meeting is a stop-gap solution to support our critical communication needs at this time.