• Online video listing to be hosted on the City of Southport website. (See demos below.)
  • Videography/photography:
  • We will film a 2-minute interview with the business owner(s)
  • We will photograph 1 shot of your storefront, 3 interior shots, 3 “product category” shots, and one shot of the business owner/staff.
  • Publicity
    • 2 Program Promotion press releases
    • Social media promotional posts
    • Promotional post on City of Southport website
    • Branded “Southport Safe” program signage to place in your storefront window.


Use the Sign-up form on this page to enroll by Friday, August 14th. This program is limited to the first 50 “brick and mortar” retail merchants and restaurants to enroll. 

Be sure to read the “Southport Safe Pledge” and put your digital signature (type your name) on the sign-up form to confirm that you are committed to upholding these guidelines in your business. 

What is the Southport Safe Pledge 

The Southport Safe Pledge is based on official health safety protocol guidance from the CDC and the NC Department of Health and Human Services.  

It is your official commitment to follow these guidelines in your business – and your ticket to $3,000 worth of marketing and advertising! 

See the full Pledge linked below. 



Once we receive your completed sign-up form, we’ll reach out to you to schedule your video/photo shoot. We will be filming from August 6 to 21, between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please allow one hour for your video shoot.  

Here are helpful hints to help you prepare for your video shoot: Lights, Camera, Action!

 STEP 3 

Complete the online Merchant Questionnaire Form linked below and submit it at least two days prior to your scheduled video shoot. We will use this information to start building your online listing. 

 For more questions on the Southport Safe Program, check out the  Virtual Merchant Showcase FAQ

Contact Information

Southport retail merchants and restaurants within the city limits who are interested in participating in the Shop/Dine Southport Safe Program, please complete the merchant signup form or contact Randy Jones, Southport Director of Tourism and Public Information, at [email protected].

Interested Market vendors should contact Karen Rife, DSI at 910-279-4616, or [email protected].

Sign up here by Friday, August 14th. This program is limited to the first 50 brick and mortar retail merchants and restaurants to enroll.

Market vendors – please contact Karen R. Rife, [email protected], 910-279-4616

at DSI for information on participating in the virtual program.

Merchant Signup Form

  • I agree to the terms of the "Southport Safe Pledge".

Downloadable Graphics

Guidance Information