Southport City Manager Announced

Southport Mayor Joseph Hatem and the Board of Aldermen announced Thursday that Gordon C. Hargrove will serve as the new Southport City Manager.

Mr. Hargrove considers himself, “a visionary leader who thinks strategically, continuously looking over the horizon to anticipate problems and taking appropriate action so issues do not develop into significant problems.”

Gordon C. Hargrove has extensive management experience and has developed a strong skillset in all local government practices to include strong fiscal management and budget development, daily operational management, planning, grant writing, and project management. Additionally, he has achieved a high level of success with both the federal and state FEMA disaster recovery process. These skills, combined with his reputation and ability for delivering results, have allowed him to develop a positive relationship with the community, the elected Board, and staff.

“In my discussion with Mr. Hargrove during his interview, he displayed a passion for personal and professional development.  Mr. Hargrove wanted to be a City Manager, wanted to be in Southport, he did not give up on those goals and he will never give up on his endeavor in serving the city and its citizens,” said Mayor Hatem.  “I look forward to working with him and will do everything that I can to ensure his success.”

Gordon C. Hargrove is a diverse, public-sector professional with hands-on experience in local and state government administration.  His experience includes over thirty years of progressive responsibility in university administration, private sector, and local government management with a strong ability to achieve organizational goals while building relationships. Most recently, he held the position of Town Manager for the Town of Lake Waccamaw, Lake Waccamaw, NC.

Current Interim City Manager, Chris May states, “I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Hargrove since he moved to Lake Waccamaw and have been very impressed with his managerial and personnel skills. He adeptly guided Lake Waccamaw through Hurricanes FLORENCE and DORIAN aftermaths securing over 100% of available FEMA funds and earning their accolades. For over 21 years he owned and managed his own business before going back to school to receive his MPA from NCSU, graduating WITH HONORS. Everywhere he has been, he has left in better shape than when he arrived. He is a hard- working, no nonsense get it done kind of guy. I believe the citizens and staff will find him both honest and trustworthy. During the interviews when asked who the most important person was in town, he replied the citizens. When asked about inside the City Hall, he replied everyone is equal and what everyone does is important.”

Gordon Hargrove received a Master of Public Administration from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, in 2018; a Certificate in Municipal and County Administration from the University of North Carolina School of Government, Chapel Hill, NC, in April 2020; and received his Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, in 1984, majoring in Political Science.

Hargrove’s first day at work will be June 11, 2020. Meanwhile, he will shadow Interim Manager May throughout the month to “learn the ropes.”