Public Notice

Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Please be advised that the City of Southport adopted a Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance on July 8, 2021.  This ordinance prohibits short-term vacation rentals within the residential districts of the City of Southport but does allow short-term vacation rentals existing on the date of the adoption of the ordinance to continue as lawful nonconforming uses provided that the property owners obtain a zoning permit from the City of Southport. Property owners must also provide documented proof that the short-term vacation rental received verifiable bookings prior to July 8, 2021.  In order to continue operating as a short-term vacation rental in Southport’s residential districts, property owners must apply for and obtain the zoning permit prior to September 7, 2021, or they will lose their right to operate as a lawful nonconforming use.

The Short-Term Vacation Rental regulations along with more information can be found on the Development Services webpage. If you have any questions, please call the City Clerk at (910) 457-7900 ext. 1010.

Below are links to the regulations for Short-Term Vacation Rentals and Homestays:

Short-Term Vacation Rental Regulations

Homestay Regulations

The application for the permit may be found on the City’s cloud-based software using this link: