April 15, 2019

The City of Southport requests a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from qualified engineering, environmental, and water resource firms for the professional services associated with the planning, design and construction of a new 1.0 MGD Conventional Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Facility utilizing rapid infiltration basins to be located on a 400 +/- acre site owned by the City.

Services will include, but not be limited to, preparing an Engineering Report and an Environmental Information Document in accordance with the requirements of the NC Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program (CWSRF), design of force main transmission systems, design of wastewater treatment plant facilities, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, bidding and construction administration.

Firms interested in being considered for this work should submit their qualifications to:

Bruce Oakley
City Manager
1029 N. Howe Street
Suite 100
Southport, NC 28461

For consideration, 8 copies of the response to this request for proposal must be submitted to Bruce Oakley by 5:00 PM on April 29, 2019.

SOQ Organization: To facilitate the City’s objective review of the SOQs from different Consultants, the Consultants are requested to organize the main document using a standardized format.  Each SOQ should contain the following:

  • A cover letter on company letterhead signed by a Principal or other member of the firm authorized to commit the firm to contract for professional
  • Table of Contents, with page numbers
  • Information on the following topics:

Executive Summary: Should address the highlights of the SOQ, along with the strengths and special expertise of the firm and the associated team to successfully accomplish the objectives of the City.

Statement of Qualifications: Identify and describe the qualifications of the firm and professional services that may be provided by the consultant in response to this Request.  Also include information on any proposed sub-consultants.

Project Team & Project Management: Please identify the proposed project team (including any subconsultants) and key personnel for the successful completion of projects in partnership with the City.  Please include an organizational chart and brief resumes of the project team members.  Also, please identify the project manager or primary contact and any other team leaders proposed, and briefly describe how projects will be successfully managed.  It is expected that the team members proposed in the SOQ will be the ones that will actually work on projects for the City.  Describe the planned and envisioned workload of the proposed team members for the timeframe of this contract and verify that proposed staff will be prepared for timely completion of projects under a potential contractual agreement with the City. Also describe your quality assurance / quality control methods.

Schedule: Please provide a proposed schedule to meet DEQ milestones including submittal of Engineering Report / Environmental Review Document to DEQ, maximum timeframe to address any comments from DEQ, Approval of Permits, Submittal of  Bid and Design to DEQ, Advertise Project and Submit Bid Information to DEQ, Receive Authorization to Award, and Execute Construction Contract.  Please also include an estimated construction timeline.

 References: Please provide the name, telephone number, email and physical address of at least three references in organizations within North Carolina for whom your firm provided similar professional services and whom the City of Southport may contact regarding your firm’s performance on their projects.


 Selection of consultants will be made based upon the qualifications of the firm and ability to meet the project schedule when presented.

Qualification statements will be evaluated by a selection committee on the following basis for the project under consideration:

  • Firm Experience and Capability – Firms will be evaluated with respect to their experience with projects funded through the CWSRF Program and familiarity with projects similar in scope.
  • Qualifications of Design Team – Firms will be evaluated on the qualifications and experience of the firm’s proposed project team.
  • Project Approach – Firms will be evaluated on the overall understanding of the project and their technical approach to meeting the project objectives.

If the Consultant wishes to submit additional information in support of or to strengthen the SOQ, such information may be submitted separately in Appendices.  SOQs must be limited to no more than 25 numbered pages, excluding the cover page, cover letter, table of contents, resumes, and section dividers.

 The City of Southport reserves the right to select the firm that best meets its needs and negotiate a final Scope of Work that reflects the work to be done within the time and budget constraints provided by the CWSRF Program.  Based upon the number of proposals received, the City may subsequently request oral presentations as a part of the selection process.  All firms submitting a proposal will receive notification once the contract has been awarded.

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