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Development Services Staff

Build it to Code

The Building Inspector issues permits and performs the legally required inspections of your building project.

Thomas Lloyd, Development Services Director
1029 N. Howe Street, Suite 100
Southport, NC 28461
Tel: (910) 457-7961
[email protected]

Chris Martin, Code Enforcement Officer
Tel: (910) 713-3862
[email protected]

Kiley Barefoot, Building Inspector
Tel: (910) 457-7900 x 1007
[email protected]

Wayne Strickland, Part-Time Building Inspector
Tel: (910) 457-7900 Ext 1007
[email protected]

Tori Deviney, Permit Technician
Tel: (910) 457-7925
[email protected]

Dorothy Dutton, City Clerk
Tel: (910) 457-7900 X 1010
[email protected]

Code Enforcement

  • The City of Southport believes the everyone should enjoy a safe and healthy environment to live in which enhances their quality of life.
  • Code Enforcement has the main responsibility of enforcing several divisions within the Southport General Code of Ordinances that promote its residents’ general overall health and welfare and promote education for responsible citizenship.

Code Enforcement Officer can assist you with the following matters:

Chapter 9 – Health and Sanitation

  • Includes weed control/overgrown lots
  • Mosquito Control
  • Junk/nuisance vehicles

Chapter 15 – Solid Waste Violations

  • Bulk Items
  • Illegal dumping

All complaints must be made in writing so they may be investigated properly.
While many people think complaints can be handled with just one visit to the resident, please be aware that all complaints require due process, including registered mail and coordination with other departments.  These steps take time, so complaints may not be resolved quickly.

Health/Sanitation Division

The Southport Code of Ordinances addresses health and sanitation matters in chapter 9 of the city code. The Code Enforcement Officer has several programs that coincide with health and sanitation matters.

The Board of Alderman of the City of Southport has vested the code enforcement officer the authority to enforce this chapter. Health and Sanitation violations bring safety concerns to the community due to the inhabitation of mice, rats, snakes, or vermin of any kind which is dangerous to the public. The City wants everyone to have a safe environment to live in and to be free from unnecessary health and sanitation matters.

The Code Enforcement officer can assist you with the following matters pertaining to health and sanitation concerns:

  • Solid Waste Violations
  • Weed Control/Overgrown Lots
  • Abandon/Junked Motor Vehicles
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Solid Waste Division

Section 15 of the Southport Code of Ordinances deals specifically with Solid Waste. The Code Enforcement Officer has enforcement rights of this code.

The City of Southport no longer picks up garbage or yard debris. A County-wide contract is held with Waste Industries Inc. Any refuse placed in front of a residence will result in a citation with a fine. Arrangements must be made with Waste Industries Inc for special pickup of white goods, brown goods, or large amounts of yard debris.

Illegal dumpsites in the City are being monitored by the Code Enforcement Officer and the Southport Police Department. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any having any information in regards to illegal dumping or solid waste violations may call the code enforcement officer at (910) 477-1486 or 910-457-7935.

To arrange for special garbage pick up call:
Waste Industries Inc
1-(800) 814-4544