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Build it to Code

The Building Inspector issues permits and performs the legally-required inspections of your building project.

Wayne Strickland, Building Inspector
1029 N. Howe Street, Suite 100
Southport, NC 28461
Tel: (910) 457-7925
Fax: (910) 457-7957
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Tori Deviney, Permit Technician
Tel: (910) 457-7925
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John Micheletto, Codes Administrator
910-457-7900 Ext 1007
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Thomas Lloyd, Planner
1029 N. Howe Street, Suite 100
Southport, NC 28461
Tel: (910) 457-7961
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Planning Board

A Citizens Advisory Board

The Planning Board is appointed by the Board of Aldermen and serves as an advisory body to the Board on issues that come before it. The Planning Board makes recommendations about the city’s Unified Development Ordinance and specific development projects which must receive approval by the Board before proceeding.

The Planning Board meets on the 3rd Thursday of Month 6 pm at 201 E. Moore St.

There are 7 members on the Planning board: 5 from within the city limits and 2 from the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). There is also one alternate for each area. Terms are for 3 years.
Click Here for current Planning Board Members.

Key Documents for the Planning Board

CAMA Core Land Use Plan

Brunswick County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Zoning Board of Adjustment

A Quasi-Judicial Citizens Board

The Zoning Board Of Adjustment is a “quasi-judicial” administrative body that performs the following duty: to hear and decide appeals from; and to review and order requirements, decisions, or determinations made by the Zoning Administrator or Building Inspector. The Board’s function is that of granting variances and conditional use permits. For more information on the Zoning Board of Adjustment refer to Article 3, sections 3-14 through 3-17 of the Southport Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).

A Variance is a request to deviate from current zoning requirements. The Zoning Board Of Adjustment may grant variances in certain situations, enabling a property owner to make use of his/her property in some way that conflicts with the literal provisions of the Southport Unified Development Ordinance. For more on Variances see Article 5 of the UDO.

A Conditional Use Permit is a special permit granted only by the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Certain uses in a given zoning district are only permitted by special exception. A Conditional Use Permit allows for certain land uses in a given zoning district to be studied more thoroughly because of their unique characteristics. For more information on Conditional Use Permits refer to Article 12 of the UDO.

Membership on the Zoning Board of Adjustment is by appointment of the Board of Aldermen. Please click here for an application to be considered for this board and file it with the City Clerk.

Membership list of the Zoning Board of Adjustment

Comprehensive Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)