Southport Water Tower

Due to COVID-19 all delinquent fees were waived and disconnections were suspended until July 29, 2020 when EO 142 expired.   Disconnections have resumed and water will be turned off if your balance isn’t paid by 5:00 PM on August 25th.  If you have a prior balance in addition to your regular payment, the full amount must be paid to avoid disconnection.  Please contact Utility Billing: (910) 457-7900 Option 1, prior to the 25th to arrange a payment plan if you will not be able to pay the full past due balance in addition to your regular monthly amount due.

You can pay online at, by phone at 910-363-1002,  or by cash or check in the drop box at our office at 1029 N Howe St.  Please note the $5 convenience fee for online and telephone payments has been waived at this time.