Lead Service Line Identification and Replacement Program

To reduce the potential risks from lead in drinking water, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) on December 16, 2021 requiring all Public Water Systems to inventory service lines, notify residents of the potential presence of lead or galvanized material in their service lines, and plan for the replacement of all lead service lines. 

To compile the inventory, the City is sending a letter to all water customers asking them to look at their service lines and submit information on the materials used via e-mail or a form. Residents who need help locating their service lines or identifying the material can contact DPS directly for guidance. Residents can submit this information directly using the form below.

Additional questions? Contact Southport Public Services: (910) 457-7935 or email.

Lead Service Line Identification and Replace Program

If report, the address where smoke is entering. If not report, the address you reside or conduct business at.
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