Utility Service and Billing Information

Billing Information

  • Utility bills are mailed out at the end of each month.
  • A bill is past due if not paid by 5 p.m. on the 15th of the month – unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is due on the next business day.
  • A late notice will be mailed to customers with past due bills on the 16th of each month – unless the 16th falls on the weekend or holiday, then the late notice will be mailed on the next business day.
  • A delinquent fee of $35 is automatically added to the bill after the 25th. The past-due bill and all fees must be paid before service is reconnected (See Utility Fees & Deposits).  NOTE: A delinquent fee of $70 will be added for sewer customers with county-provided water.
  •  An additional fee of $50.00 will be charged to all customers who request water service reconnection after 3:30  PM.
  • Customers who feel their bill is in error or otherwise have reason to protest the termination of utility service may contact the Finance Office Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30 am. and 5 p.m. at (910)457-7900 Option 1.

Billing Adjustments: If the City has inadvertently overcharged or undercharged a customer for utility service, the City will promptly notify the customer.

Water & Sewer Adjustments: In the case where a leak takes place on the customer’s side of the meter that results in water not being discharged into the sanitary sewer, the customer may apply for an adjustment on sewer charges by presenting the City a note from a licensed plumber stating the leak had been fixed and the water did not flow into the sewer.

If service is turned off and reconnection is requested in the same name or immediate family member’s name within 11 months, the base rate plus reconnection fee will be charged.

After Hours Payment Drop Box: For customer convenience, a blue payment drop box is on 11th Street, next to the entrance to City Hall.  A check and billing stub may be deposited in the box. Please do not deposit cash in the after-hours depository. Payments put in the box after 10:00 a.m. will be considered next-day payments.

Meter Tampering is Against the Law! Do not turn on or deface your utility meter. North Carolina state law allows the utility provider, the City of Southport, to prosecute in a court of law for meter tampering. The City Board’s adopted penalty for meter tampering is a $250.00 fine. Contact the finance department at 1029 N Howe Street, 910-457-7900, immediately if your meter has been turned off or removed.

Damage to Water Meter: The customer will be responsible for the cost to replace or repair a damaged water meter.

The City’s Response to Returned Checks

  • The city will accept only cash, certified checks, or money order from any customer having 2 insufficient funds (bad) checks within any 1 year period.
  • Upon receipt of the 2nd returned check, the customer will be advised that ALL bills must be paid in cash, certified check, or money order for the next year.
  • After the 1 year period ends, if another insufficient funds check is received all future bills must be paid in cash.
  • As allowed by the State of North Carolina, a $35 charge is added to the customer’s bill for each returned check. (See Utility Fees & Deposits)

Fees and Deposits

All fees subject to change without notice. Please contact Public Services if you have any questions about which fees apply to you.

General Fees Effective July 2021

Application Fee
(Application Fee waived with Automatic Draft set up)
Returned Check $35.00
Meter Tampering or Unauthorized Tap
After Hours Water Connection Fee after 3:30 Pm
Meter Testing $25.00
Delinquent Fee $35.00
Delinquent Fee for sewer customers with county provided water $70.00

Average Deposits Effective July 2021 (inside City limits)

Residential – Electric
Residential – Water $52.00
Residential – Sewer
Residential – Garbage
Commercial – Electric $500.00
Commercial – Water $73.00
Commercial – Sewer $252.00
Average Deposits for Utility Services Commercial 

Commercial account deposits are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are generally 2 times the average bill amount or 2 times the base amount, whichever is greater.

For residential accounts opened in a business name, the required deposit will be 2 times the monthly base rate or 2 times the average monthly bill, whichever is greater.

Extension of Time for Payment of Bills

Extension of Time for Payment of Bills

  • Extension requests must be made no later than 5 p.m. on the 25th by the customer or are subject to disconnection.
  • The customer requesting the extension must come in or call the Finance Office at City Hall.
  • No more than 3 extension agreements will be granted in a 12-month period.

If payment is not made as stated in the Payment Extension Agreement, service will be disconnected without further notice, and all payments, including any disconnect and reconnect fees must be paid before service is restored.

Optional Customer Assistance: Customers being assisted by the Brunswick County Department of Social Services, Brunswick Family Assistance, or other local crisis intervention centers are exceptions to this policy.

To read more about assistance paying your bill, please click here.