New Services and Billing: 910-457-7900

Garbage and Yard Debris

New Services and Billing: 910-457-7900

Recycle/Yard Debris, Residential, inside city limits  – $10.61 per month

(not available for outside city limits, vacant lots, or commercial property)

We do not provide recycle or yard debris pickup for commercial accounts.

Household Garbage

Serviced every Tuesday

For questions about pickup: Waste Industries, A GFL Company, Phone: 910-253-4177

GFL Environmental will only pick up household garbage if it is in the proper container (95-gallon roll-out cart). Please do not mix household garbage with recycling and/or yard waste; do not mix one waste with any other waste. Please have a container to curb by 6 a.m.

For new residents and/or replacement carts, contact Brunswick County Solid Waste at 910-253-2520. For cart repair, contact GFL at 910-253-4177.

The cart roll-out for handicapped persons will be provided upon request and completion of required paperwork.

Yard Debris

Serviced every Wednesday

Construction Waste Removal DBA Brush Bandit will only pick up the following yard waste per residence (any reasonable combination is acceptable):

  •  2 approved resident-owned and maintained 96-gallon roll-out cart OR
  •  Up to 15 biodegradable paper bags (no plastic bags of any type accepted) OR
  •  Up to 4 securely tied bundles (max 4’ long & 24” circumference).

Note: Yard debris carts are not provided by the city.    However, 96-gallon roll-out carts can be purchased from the third-party vendor of your choice or directly from Brush Bandit. They can be reached at (910)755-6419 or [email protected].

Yard Waste will not be serviced if:

  • Trash or recycle carts are used.
  • Trash or recycling is mixed in with yard waste in an approved yard waste cart.
  • No vacant lots will be serviced.

Safety First

BAG ALL LANDFILL TRASH – By bagging your trash, especially items like used tissues, it is easier to keep viruses and bacteria away from our critical service employees.

COMPLETELY EXTINGUISH GRILLING COALS – If hot ashes are dumped into the trash truck, a fire will start.

EMPTY ALL LIQUIDS – Liquids can carry viruses and bacteria, and can splash onto drivers when trash and recyclables are emptied. When bottles, cans, and other containers are emptied before going in carts, the risk is minimized.

KEEP ALL RECYCLING CLEAN AND LOOSE – When recycling is loose, it is easier to handle on our sorting line. Removing food and liquid residue from your recyclables minimizes viruses and bacteria as well!

WIPE/DISINFECT CART HANDLES AND LIDS – The two main touchpoints on a cart for our drivers are the lid and the handles. By wiping those areas down with disinfectant or soapy water, you minimize the danger of shared contact areas.

SEAL AND MARK ALL SHARPS/NEEDLES – Properly dispose of medical sharp objects such as syringes by placing them in a sealed, rigid plastic container. Seal the container in duct tape, clearly mark it as “Sharps,” and place it in the trash.