Establishing New Service

Click for LIST OF STEPS required for Utility Service

To establish service at a residence that already has a service connection
(leasing a residence or purchasing a residence)
Complete a utility application

Enclose a $35 application fee

Provide a copy of your driver’s license

Provide the lease agreement, deed, or closing disclosure of the property

*Optional: Provide a completed bank draft form and a voided check ($35 application fee will be waived)

We will then pull credit which will determine if a deposit is required

Commercial Properties

*Will be required to pay a deposit in place of having credit pulled.  (See commercial deposits)

*Commercial Application

Moving from Residence

When selling or moving from a property:
1. Please complete a “Change of Service Form”
2. Drop off, mail, fax, or email form.

Mailing & Physical Address:
1029 N Howe St
Southport, NC 28461

Phone: 910-457-7900 Option 1
Fax: 910-457-7905
Email: [email protected]

Termination of Service

Requesting Discontinuation of Service: Any customer requesting discontinuation of service shall do so in person at the Finance Office.

  • The service location, date service is to be disconnected, and a forwarding mailing address for the final bill are required.
  • If the customer is not able to appear in person, we can disconnect the account via fax request (910) 457-7905 or upon verification of the account.
  • Disconnection of services will be performed the same day if the request is received by 1 p.m. A request received after 1 p.m. will be fulfilled the next working day.

Final Utility Bill

  • A customer’s final bill will be processed and mailed along with the regular billing cycle.
  • All funds, including deposits, load management, and overcharge credits will be used against amounts owed to the City on the closed account.
  • The remaining funds will then be used against any amounts owed on any other accounts the customer may have with the City of Southport.
  • Any credit balances left after going towards the amount owed, would be sent in the form of a check to the forwarding address.