Howe Street Construction

original sewerWhether you’re a Southport resident, local business owner, or visitor, you have likely come across the road construction project on Howe Street.

What Work is Being Done?

The City of Southport is replacing the original sewer infrastructure that was installed in the early 1900’s. The goal is to complete the work now, in order to avoid critical failure of the system in the future which would have a much greater impact than street closures and detours.

Ensuring safe and viable city infrastructure is a priority in the community, with the sewer system being a critical focus. This project has been “in the works” for many years, entering the construction phase in November of 2020. The City of Southport contracted with the 274 company to perform the work, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation.

During construction, parking availability may be impacted, but all businesses and sidewalks remain open.

When Will the Construction End?

There are multiple factors that impact the duration of the project. Weather is one. Another is the unknown obstacles that may arise as the antiquated sewer is unearthed.

Taking time to carefully work around the “underground unknowns” to ensure that the sewer system remains functional during construction is paramount.

We realize that the construction is an inconvenience while driving downtown and appreciate your patience as we work to improve our City.

Please help us to keep our community safe. Slow down while driving in construction areas.