Effective February 28, 2023: Any next day inspections should be scheduled by 3:00 p.m. the day before they are needed. Inspections scheduled after 3:00 p.m. will be scheduled on the next available day.

Building Valuation
Finished and Unfinished Space (per sf) ICC Building Valuation Data
Decks (per sf) $65.00
Porches (per sf) $65.00
Enclosed storage (per sf) $100.00
Fences (per linear foot) $25.00
Fee Schedule A: Residential Construction
From $200.01 to $1,000.00 $95.00
From $1,000.01 to $3,000.00 $105.00
From $3,000.01 to $6,000.00 $115.00
From $6,000.01 to $10,000.00 $135.00
From $10,000.01 to $15,000.00 $145.00
From $15,000.01 to $25,000.00 $155.00
From $25,000.02 to $50,000.00 $215.00
$55,000.01 and up $335 plus $8 per thousand over $50,000.00
Accessory Structures $95.00
Fee Schedule B: General Construction
From $100.00 to $1,000.00 $95.00
From $1,000.01 to $50,000.00 $95.00 plus $6.50 per thousand over $1,000.01
From $50,000.01 to $100,000.00 $415.00 plus $5.50 per thousand over $50,000.01
$100,000.01 and above $755.00 plus $3.50 per thousand over $100,000.01
Plumbing Permit Fees
Fixtures, Sewer & Water Connections with other work $17.00
Sewer Connection only (Each Building) $85.00
Water Service Only (Each Pipe or Water Tap) $85.00
Minimum Fee for any Plumbing Permit $85.00
Electric Permit Fees
Residential New Construction (Per Unit)
Temporary Service Connection $85.00
Rough-in $85.00
Final $85.00
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional $215.00 Base Fee up to 50 circuits, $5.00 for each additional
Service Upgrade Residential $135.00
Service Upgrade Commercial $190.00
Wiring up to 20 outlets with no service $130.00
Wiring over 20 outlets with no service $155.00
Special Circuits $85.00
Mechanical Permit Fees
Residential Heating and Cooling Fee $85.00 per unit
Commercial Heating and Cooling Fee $115.00 per unit
Gas Appliances, Gas Piping Systems $85.00
Gas Piping and Up to 3 Appliances $85.00 plus $28.00 for each appliance over 3
Fuel Heater Equipment $85.00
Permit Fees for Installation of Blower or Fan $85.00
Installation of Tank or Flammable or Combustible Liquids $180.00 plus 35 cents per barrel
Fire Extinguisher Systems $130.00
Hoods (10 or less sf) $195.00
Hoods (10.1-25 sf) $105.00
Hoods (25.1-50 sf) $110.00
Hoods (50.1-75 sf) $140.00
Hoods (75.1-100 sf) $165.00
Hoods (Above 100 sf) $200.00
Solar Panels $130.00
Fee for Not Acquiring Fuel Appliance $355.00
Sprinkler Systems $355.00 plus $35.00 per 1000 sf
Other Fees
Mobile Home Fee (per mobile home) $265.00
Houses moved (per house moved) $265.00
Demolition Fee $265.00
Swimming Pools Based on Schedule for General Construction Costs
Extra/Reinspections $85.00
Working Without Permit Fee 2x basic permit fee, minimum of $60.00 minimum
Completion of Work Without Permit Fee Basic Permit Fee plus $300.00 Basic Permit Fee plus $350.00
Habitual Working Without Permit Fee $350.00 fee shall result in a $1500 fee for subsequent violations
Refunds on Building Permit 80% refunds on unexpired permits at Department Head’s Discretion
Renewals on Building Permit 20% of initial fee, not to exceed $500.00
Failure to Obtain Final Inspection $265.00
Commercial Shell Permit Fee 90% of valuation data
Commercial Up-Fit Permit $25.00 per sf valuation
Day Care Licensing and Related Inspections $85.00
Development Fees
Rezoning: Less than 3 Acres $500.00
Rezoning: 3.01-6.00 Acres $1,000.00
Rezoning: 6.01 + Acres $1,000 + $100/acre
Minor Subdivision: 1-2 lots $300.00
Minor Subdivision: 3-7 lots $300.00 + $50/lot
Creation of lots (heirs) $100.00
Major Subdivision $1,000.00 + $100/lot
Master Plan Approval (PUD) $1,000.00 + $100/acre
Subdivision Exception $200.00
PUD Special Use/Land Use Plan $2,000.00
PUD Modification (Minor) $500.00
PUD Modification (Major) $1,000.00
PBG Site Plan Project less than 7,000 sf or One Building $500.00
PBG Site Plan Project Greater than 7,000 sf or Multiple Buildings $1,500.00
PBG Site Plan Modification $1,500.00
PBG Apartments/Townhouses/Condos/Mixed Use Site Plan $2,500.00
Conditional Use Permit $750.00
Home Occupation $250.00
Conditional Use Permit Modification $250.00
Variance $500.00
Variance Modification $250.00
Appeal $250.00
Interpretation $250.00
Zoning Text Change $100.00
Code of Ordinances Change $100.00
Zoning Verification Letter $100.00
Zoning Compliance Permit $100.00
Zoning Compliance Change of Use $100.00
Floodplain Development Permit $100.00
Flood-zone Determination Letter $100.00
Tree Removal Permit Exempt
Sign Permit 0-20 SF $75.00
Sign Permit > 20 SF $100.00
Billboard $1,000.00

Revised: July 2022


The City of Southport believes that everyone should enjoy a safe and healthy environment to live in which enhances their quality of life.

Code Enforcement has the main responsibility of enforcing several divisions within the Southport General Code of Ordinances that promote its residents’ general overall health and welfare and promote education for responsible citizenship.

The Code Enforcement Officer can assist you with the following matters:


  • Includes weed control/overgrown lots
  • Mosquito Control
  • Junk/nuisance vehicles


  • Bulk Items
  • Illegal dumping

All complaints must be made in writing so they may be investigated properly.

While many people think complaints can be handled with just one visit to the resident, please be aware that all complaints require due process, including registered mail and coordination with other departments. These steps take time, so complaints may not be resolved quickly.

Health/Sanitation Division

The Southport Code of Ordinances addresses health and sanitation matters in chapter 9 of the city code. The Code Enforcement Officer has several programs that coincide with health and sanitation matters.

The Board of Alderman of the City of Southport has vested the code enforcement officer the authority to enforce this chapter. Health and Sanitation violations bring safety concerns to the community due to the inhabitation of mice, rats, snakes, or vermin of any kind which is dangerous to the public. The City wants everyone to have a safe environment to live in and to be free from unnecessary health and sanitation matters.

The Code Enforcement officer can assist you with the following matters pertaining to health and sanitation concerns:

  • Solid Waste Violations
  • Weed Control/Overgrown Lots
  • Abandon/Junked Motor Vehicles
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Solid Waste Division

Section 15 of the Southport Code of Ordinances deals specifically with Solid Waste. The Code Enforcement Officer has enforcement rights of this code.

The City of Southport no longer picks up garbage or yard debris. A County-wide contract is held with Waste Industries Inc. Any refuse placed in front of a residence will result in a citation with a fine. Arrangements must be made with Waste Industries Inc for particular pickup of white goods, brown goods, or large amounts of yard debris.

Illegal dumpsites in the City are being monitored by the Code Enforcement Officer and the Southport Police Department. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any information regarding illegal dumping or solid waste violations may call the code enforcement officer at 910-713-3862.

To arrange for a special garbage pick-up call:
Waste Industries Inc
1-(800) 814-4544


The City of Southport Unified Development Ordinance Update was adopted and rendered effective on September 23, 2020. Among other changes, the following significant items were completed as part of the update:

  • Legislative updates for conformity with NC General Statutes.
  • Reduction of text from 27 articles to 8 articles.
  • Update to the tree preservation provisions to encourage the protection of existing canopy, including lot clearing provisions and enforcement. These can be found in section 3.18.
  • Inclusion of mitigation (re-planting) requirements for removal of regulated trees in any setback or removal of any specimen tree located anywhere on site. If live oaks are removed, must replace with 50% of same. Mitigation requirements are in 3.18 M.
  • Updates and modifications for overall organization and clarity. Reduction in overall text and clarification of many ambiguous, conflicting, and unclear provisions.
  • Consolidation of approval procedures, roles, responsibilities, and administrative items into one article.
  • The establishment of roles and responsibilities for the UDO Administrator.
  • Clarification of development approval processes and responsibilities for major/minor site plans, major/minor subdivisions, exempt/final plats, and planned unit developments.
  • Inclusion of a Conditional Zoning procedure to aid in consensus-built and public-supported development outcomes.
  • Consolidation of closely related permitted uses (including adult and manufacturing uses) and expanded definitions to reduce the number of uses contained in the permitted use table, including the removal of obsolete uses. Separation of uses by accessory, residential, and non-residential use types.
  • Consolidation and clarification of setback encroachments and height exceptions.
  • Consolidation of development standards such as fences, parking, tree preservation, and buffers into one article.
  • Inclusion of building design standards for the CBD and BD zoning districts.
  • Overall reduction and simplification of off-street parking ratios to encourage redevelopment and re-use of existing buildings in the CBD and BD zoning district.
  • Clarification that no off-street parking shall be required in the CBD zoning district for new construction or redevelopment.
  • Inclusion of pedestrian facilities section outlining sidewalk requirements for certain types of development (all new major subdivisions, multi-family developments, and new construction nonresidential development of a principal use within the BD, CBD, HC, OI, and MF districts).
  • Modification of sign requirements, where appropriate, in accordance with content-neutral requirements of recent Supreme Court ruling.
  • Modification of nonconforming situations as “uses” and “structures” to more appropriately address these conditions.
  • Inclusion of construction and inspection procedures for the installation of required infrastructure within new subdivisions.
  • Removal of the allowance of bonding or financial guarantees for the installation of required infrastructure.
  • Update to the Wireless article in accordance with NC General Statutes.


Community Preparedness

Flood Information

What is the National Flood Insurance Program?

The National Flood Insurance Program was created by Congress in 1968 to reduce the loss of life and property, and the rising disaster relief costs caused by flooding. The program was designed to achieve these goals by: 1) requiring that new and future substantially improved buildings be constructed to resist flood damages; 2) guiding future development away from flood hazard areas; and 3) transferring the costs of flood losses from the American taxpayers to floodplain property owners through flood insurance premiums. In recent decades, over 80 percent of disaster losses nationwide have been caused by floods.

The NFIP is a voluntary program based on a mutual agreement between the federal government and the local community. Federally-backed flood insurance coverage is available to any property owner in return for mitigation of flood risks by community regulation of floodplain development. Flood insurance, and most types of federal financial assistance, such as mortgage loans and grants, are only available in those communities that adopt and enforce a floodplain management ordinance that meets or exceeds the minimum NFIP standards. These same standards must also be adhered to by all federal agencies under a Presidential Floodplain Management Executive Order.

Flood Maps

The updated Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps were issued for Southport. The floodplain data are now being provided in digital format so they can be viewed and downloaded from the NC Floodplain Mapping Program (NCFMP)’s website. You can see the current and preliminary flood maps here


Planning & Zoning Board
A Citizens Advisory Board

The Planning & Zoning Board is appointed by the Board of Aldermen and serves as an advisory body to the Board on issues that come before it.

Zoning Board of Adjustments
A Quasi-Judicial Citizens Board

The Zoning Board Of Adjustments is a “quasi-judicial” administrative body that performs the following duty: to hear and decide appeals from; and to review and order requirements, decisions, or determinations made by the Zoning Administrator or Building Inspector. The Board’s function is that of granting variances and conditional use permits.


Please be advised that the City of Southport adopted a Short-Term Vacation Rental Ordinance on July 8, 2021.  This ordinance prohibits short-term vacation rentals within the residential districts of the City of Southport but does allow short-term vacation rentals existing on the date of the adoption of the ordinance to continue as lawful nonconforming uses. The City is no longer using a registration program to monitor the operation of shorter term vacation rentals or homestays, but the property must still comply with the zoning districts and standards of the Unified Development Ordinance. The standards can be located here:

You may also use the flowchart below to review what is necessary. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Southport Development Services at (910) 457-7925 or Dorothy Dutton, Assistant City Manager/City Clerk at (910) 457-7900 ext. 1010. Click here for a printable version.

Southport City Hall, 1029 N. Howe St., Southport, NC 28461

The Development Services team is located at Southport City Hall, 1029 N. Howe St., Southport, NC 28461

Office Hours: Monday – Friday,  8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

While walk-in visits can often be accommodated, appointments are recommended to ensure the staff you need to speak with are available.

Phone: 910-457-7925


Dorothy Dutton
City Clerk
[email protected]
910-457-7900 X 1010

employee photo

Travis Henley
Director, Development Services
[email protected]
910-457-7900 ext. 1008

employee photo

Maureen Meehan
City Planner
[email protected]
910-457-7900 ext. 1043

employee photo

Tori Deviney
Permit Technician
[email protected]

Kiley Barefoot

Kiley Barefoot
Building Inspector
[email protected]
910-457-7900 x 1007

employee photo

Chris Martin
Code Enforcement Officer
[email protected]