COVID-19 Focus Vaccine

Today’s COVID-19 Focus is on the new ways to reserve your spot to get your vaccine.

Waiting to get your vaccine is tough, but here are two ways that may make the process easier for you.

Novant HealthAll adults 65 years of age and older are now eligible to receive the vaccine. But did you know that you can pre-register to get your vaccine on the Novant Health website? Even if you don’t qualify for the current group that is eligible, you can get one step closer to receiving your vaccine. Here is where you can get started: Novant Health Coronavirus Resources.

WalgreensAdditionally, you may now sign up on the Walgreens website to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine. You can read all of the details on how it works here: Walgreens Vaccination Information.

Vaccine availability is still limited, but these are steps in the right direction.