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City of Southport Request for Qualifications: Stormwater Mapping and System Evaluation Services

The City of Southport, North Carolina is seeking qualifications from qualified, professional consultants to assist to provide professional engineering services to assist the City of Southport in the mapping and evaluation of its stormwater system.

Due to the lack of stormwater control measures in place, residents, communities, and businesses throughout the City of Southport experience excessive flooding and property damage from a heavy rainfall event. The peak flow from a 1-year storm (or anything greater) surcharges existing infrastructure as it has nowhere to go. Most of the stormwater drainage system dates to the early 1980s that it is either undersized and/or deteriorating. The City’s most current stormwater system map is from January 1984.

The City of Southport wants a city-wide inventory of their entire stormwater system that will identify the critical points in the system so improvements can be prioritized to provide the most benefit or relief first. The key activities of the project are the surveying and mapping of the City’s stormwater system. After the mapping is completed, the system shall be modeled. The modeling will enable the City to determine system issues. The final step of the project is the preparation of an engineering report and Capital Improvement Plan.

The following scope of services is suggested at this time.  If variations to this scope are suggested by the respondent, they should be clearly identified in the response submitted by the consultant.

  • Surveying/Mapping of Entire System
  • Modeling and System Evaluation
  • Preparing an Engineering Report/Capital Improvement Plan
  • Deliverables: 1. Model calculations showing existing conditions of the system
  1. Identification of critical areas and options for how to rectify the issues.
  2. Cost opinions for different solutions
  3. Final improvement plan highlighting a phased or priority approach.

Firms interested in being considered for this work should submit their qualifications to:

Dorothy Dutton
Assistant City Manager
1029 N. Howe Street
Southport, NC 28461
RE: RFQ Stormwater Plan

For consideration, (6) paper copies and one electronic copy (pdf) of the complete proposal to this request must be received by 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 25, 2023.

For full details of the process and the project, please visit the City of Southport website at:

Copies are also available in person at the City Hall (1029 N. Howe Street, Southport, NC 28461)

The City of Southport reserves the right to reject any or all project proposals.

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