Request for Proposals – Park Design Services

Request for Proposals – Park Design Services

January 16, 2019

The City of Southport invites you to submit a proposal for providing professional engineering and landscape architecture services for the development of Taylor Field Park plus preparation and submittal of a 2019 PARTF grant.  Taylor Field is located at 409 East Nash Street in Southport, North Carolina.  The property is located on 4.72 acres of mainly open land with a tree border.  One side runs along Prices Creek.  The property was deeded to the City in late 2017 for recreational purposes only.

The City held a public meeting in May of 2018 regarding possible recreational uses for this property.  The City sent out a community wide survey asking the community what amenities they would like to see at this location.

Proposals will be received by Bruce Oakley, City Manager, City Hall at 1029 North Howe Street, Southport, North Carolina until 5:00pm on February 12, 2019.


  1. Preliminary Plan

The Consultant shall prepare a base sheet, which includes boundary, topography, utilities, existing easements, wetland lines, and adjacent roads.  The elements to be included on the plans will be:


*Walking/nature trails (with connectivity to Lowe/White Park)

*Outdoor Fitness trail

*Picnic Shelter area



*Green space


The Consultant shall prepare a cost estimate with the Preliminary Plan.  The Consultant will submit the Preliminary Plan to owner for review and comments.

  1. Final Master Plan – Site Plan

The Consultant shall prepare the Final Master Plan-Site Plan from the comments received from the owners.  Only the items budgeted for the project will be included within the Final Master Plan to accompany the 2019/2020 PARTF Grant application.  The plan shall be in the format required by the PARTF grant application.

  1. PARTF Application

The Consultant shall assist the owner in filling out the PARTF application form and exhibits

  1. Meetings

The Consultant shall meet with the Owner as needed.  There may be a presentation meeting with the Planning Board

  Time of Performance

RFP issued                                         January 16, 2019

Receive submittals                          February 12, 2019

Submittal review                              February 12, 2019

Award Contract                               February 14, 2019

Preliminary Plan submitted            March 12, 2019

Planning Board                                 March 21 2019

Final Master Plan submitted          April 10, 2019

Board of Alderman Agenda           April 11, 2019

PARTF application due                    May 1, 2019