City of Southport Newsletter

City Hall

Southport is proud to announce a new monthly publication, the City of Southport 2020 Newsletter.  “It is our hope this newsletter will build relationships within the city departments and the community,” asserts Randy Jones, Director of Tourism and Public Information Officer for the City of Southport.

The objective of the City Newsletter is to help readers become familiar and more connected to the wonderful things happening within Southport.  Departments and committees will discuss the special projects they are working on, their community engagements, and recognize outstanding employees.  Two departments will be featured each month, along with messages from the City Manager and the Mayor.

The City of Southport 2020 Newsletter is being compiled and distributed the first of each month by the Department of Tourism and Communications.  There are different ways to receive a copy of the newsletter: on the City’s Facebook page, or on the City’s website,  You can also sign up to have the newsletter delivered to your email by filling out the signup form for “City of Southport Updates” at the bottom of the homepage on the City’s website.

Read the October 2020 edition.