Public Notice

The public will take notice that the City of Southport Board of Adjustment will meet on Thursday, May 27, 2021, at 4:30 pm at the City of Southport Community Building, located at 226 E. Bay Street for the purpose of holding an evidentiary quasi-judicial hearing on:

  • Variance Request, 111 & 113 Hankins Drive, requested by G.W. Smith
  • A request asking for a variance from the minimum dimensional requirements of the R-10 zoning district. The applicant is looking to subdivide two existing houses that are located on a single lot.
  • Special Use Permit, 314 Willis Drive, requested by Rick & Joyce Mitchell
  • A Special Use Permit application for a proposed accessory dwelling over a proposed detached garage.

If there are any questions on this matter, please contact the City at 910-457-7961 or [email protected]

The City of Southport does not discriminate on the basis of disability If you need an auxiliary aid or service or other accommodation in order to attend or fully participate at this meeting, please contact the Clerk’s office as far in advance of the meeting as is possible so that your request can be considered.

Thomas Lloyd Development Services Director