Update on COVID-19 Pandemic: Southport is open!!!! And we are going to stay open because everyone who works, lives, or visits our great city, is going to physical distance, WEAR A FACIAL COVERING, and practice good hand hygiene, to prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease. It is a health issue and an economic issue. Wearing a facial covering says that you are a patriot, that you want to help save lives, that you want the businesses and the economy in Southport to recover and survive. Just as you want your family, your friends, and your loved ones to survive.

What we must do, is to remain vigilant, if you are visiting or whether you live here, be patriotic, WEAR A FACIAL COVERING—PROTECT EACH OTHER – USE COMMON SENSE. We wear seat belts, we are not allowed to smoke in restaurants, we want to keep the economy in Southport going, and we do not want to have needless illness and preventable deaths from COVID-19.