Mayor’s Remarks

August 6, 2020

This is Dr. Joe Pat Hatem, Mayor of the City of Southport.  I would like to discuss with you today a brief update on the COVID -19 Pandemic.

Southport is under a Declaration of a State of Emergency which was issued on March 20, 2020. There have been several revisions from the original declaration. Due to a continued rise in the number of cases, and let me show you the data:  In North Carolina, the number of new cases on May 5th, 408.  On August 5th 1,127. There has been a steady increase over the last three months when you look at the graph.  In Brunswick County, the number of total cases on May 5th was 49.  On August 5th 1,230 total cases.  This is an average of 393 new cases per month. The data is clear that the pandemic continues to simmer and soar through the summer months.  It is my recommendation that we continue our State of Emergency through the remainder of 2020. This is being done for the continued safety of our citizens and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

On August 5, 2020, Governor Cooper extended Phase II for the next five weeks.  This is the “Safer at Home” phase and continues all recommendations as previously stated in the emergency order and which the City of Southport has been following closely.  Again this emphasizes public health mitigation measures, facial covering, social/physical distancing—at least 6 ft.—, good hand hygiene, and until there is a vaccine, this, along with safer at home, are the only effective ways to prevent the transmission of this highly contagious disease.

I want to thank our businesses, our restaurants, and all our citizens and tourists who have been so cooperative and so diligent in abiding by these important acts of patriotism.

We must remain vigilant for the pandemic is still with us. As your Mayor, as a doctor and as a public health advocate,  by embracing these public health measures, facial covering, social/physical distancing and good hand hygiene, you will be among the heroes who helped to save lives.

Stay Well, Stay Strong, and Stay Safe