The City of Southport has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced dog licensing experience. DocuPet specializes in creating and managing pet licensing programs. It’s our job to ensure that every dog in the community is licensed. Once compliant, our program offers additional value to guardians through our HomeSafe™ and Pet Perks Programs.

City of Southport pet tags can now be purchased online via the DocuPet Platform at, over the phone with a DocuPet customer service representative, via mailed in form, or in person at Southport City Hall.

Only dogs and cats that reside within the city limits of Southport are required to be licensed.

Annual pet licenses cost $15.00 for spayed or neutered pets, or $25.00 for intact animals.
Licenses are valid for 365 days after purchase.

Top 3 Things for Southport Pet Owners to know:
1. All tags will be mailed from DocuPet’s Syracuse office and should arrive within 10-12 business days. It’s important to ensure pet owners provide their correct address!
2. Dogs and cats should wear their tags at all times – this is key to help getting them home in the event they decide to go on an unsupervised adventure.
3. Completing a pet’s profile is important – this means updating the privacy settings to show more information if a dog is lost or found. If someone finds a pet wearing a DocuPet tag, they can look up the tag and depending on the privacy settings, see their guardian’s information.

If nothing shows up the finder can submit a Found Pet Report and the HomeSafe team will then work with the pet finder and pet owner to get that pet home.

Questions? Please contact the DocuPet Customer Service Team at [email protected] or 1-877-239-6072 they will happily answer all your questions.