Congrats to the Winners at the Captain Charlie’s Children’s Fishing Tournament!

And a good time was had by all at the 2021 Captain Charlie’s Children’s Fishing Tournament on Saturday!

Thank you to all of our participants and congrats to the winners!

Largest Caught Overall: Lindleigh Byrd, 2-pound 12 ounce Lizard Fish

Most Caught Overall: Blake Marvin, variety of 14 fish

Ages 5 and under:

  • Largest Pin: Braylen Barnes
  • Largest Croaker: Maxwell Miller
  • Largest Pig: Kayley Seymore
  • Largest Toad: Riley McHenry
  • Most Caught: Anna Kate Ages 6-9:
  • Largest Pin: Blake Marvin
  • Largest Puffer: Kelsey Seymour
  • Largest Sea Bass: Camden Miller

Ages 10-12:

  • Largest Caught: Clint Green
  • Most Caught: Gabe Lane
  • Most Caught: Hunter Britts
  • Largest Pin: Ashlyn Weaver
  • Largest Pin: Cash Hood
  • Largest Sea Bass: Elliana Brazil

Ages 13-16:

  • Largest Spot: Collin Peattie
  • Largest Croaker: Benjamin Russ
  • Largest Pin: Bryden Marvin
  • Largest Pig: Garrett Lane

See you next year!!!