Shoreline Stabilization Dorrie Dutton, Tom Stanley, Heather Hemphill, Melanie Trexler, and Bonnie Therrien Olsen and Associates, Inc. $5 million NCDPS/Grant May-23 Olsen has arranged for surveying to start the week of the 16th. Surveys should be finished in (90) days or less.
Pump Station Rehab Bonnie Therrien, Tom Stanley, Melanie Trexler WK Dickson Engineering $2.8 million DEQ/Grant 2024 WK Dickson will arrange to get readings on the six main pump stations. Draw-down studies were completed on 1/9/2023.
Sewer Replacement Bonnie Therrien, Tom Stanley Wooten Engineering $10.5 million USDA 2024 The contract with Wooten for this project was approved on the Jan agenda. The contract was signed and has been sent to Wooten.

Wooten staff is already gathering information from City locations.

Merger Feasibility Study Tom Stanley, Dorrie Dutton, Bonnie Therrien Wooten Engineering $50,000 for water

$50,000 for sewer

NCDEQ 3-6 months John Nichols will connect Wooten with Brunswick GIS for mapping. BrunsCo Planning to send development info to Wooten.

Bonnie will contact Walter as a follow-up. This project needs to be done ASAP.

Mulberry Branch Sewer Plant Expansion Tom Stanley, Dorrie Dutton, Bonnie Therrien City/Wooten Engineering $30 million loan was secured $30 million loan (City); State Revolving Fund TBD-If awarded. The project will go out for bids again in Spring 2023. In the meantime, the City will consider additional sources of funding and await info about the requested ARPA funding-Feb. 21, 2023. Feb agenda to discuss debt, and other financing options.
ARPA Funding-WWTP Bonnie Therrien, Melanie Trexler Requested $15 million TBD-If awarded. Gordon applied as a backup-funding for plant expansion. We should know by Feb. 21, 2023, if funding is awarded. The project was rolled over from the Spring round of funding.
Kayak Launch Heather Hemphill, Travis Henley Wooten Engineering $188, 000 $150,000 CAMA

$25,000 Marina donation $13,000 City

The CAMA permit application is being put together. That might take 6-9 mos. Heather and Bonnie met with Eric King on 12/30/2022 and there is a great willingness to work together. The CAMA/NCDEQ contract will be on the February 2023 agenda. Certification needs to be mailed to DCM. Might be able to use the Marina’s CAMA permit. no wastewater Completion deadline is 18 months once the contract is signed.
Taylor Field/Dog Park Heather Hemphill, Tom Stanley, Kate Marshall McGill and Associates $421,277 PART-F Grant 2023 Trees were donated by Forestry Committee. The punch list reviewed and all materials will be removed and cleaned up before the project is closed. Bonnie will contact Mark to have him remove bricks and other unsafe items asap. Will be adding a different gate to allow the public to access it.

The punch list is scheduled to be completed by 1/31/23. The shelter pad needs to be corrected. Park is CLOSED to the public.

2021 Capital Project Ordinance City Staff $579,455 remaining from $1.2 allocated City of Southport Ongoing Projects listed: Bay Street Rd/Sidewalk, Erosion control on Brunswick St, road repairs, Howe Street sidewalk, Kingsley Pier, Stormwater projects, Yacht Basin pedestrian corridor, kayak launch, siding for City Hall, and other capital projects. **Might need to rebid because Kingsley pier cost has increased. Tom Stanley to contact the county stormwater department about the storm drain issue.
Community Building Floors Allayna Dail, Randy Jones, Jeremy, Tom Stanley D the Floor Man $49,521 City of Southport 2023 Community Building is closed in January to complete the work. Work began on 12/28/2022. The flooring is down, but they still need to be sanded, stained, and have (5) protective layers applied. Will be completed on schedule.
Shoreline/Yacht Basin Dredging Heather Hemphill, Tom Stanley, Bonnie Therrien TBD $4,300 Parks and Recreation Budget and Administration Contract Services TBD Need survey done in order to apply for grants. Mayor Pro-tem and Bonnie met with two surveyors on 12/15/2022. Bonnie will arrange a meeting with the CAMA rep. Board approved the expense of having the survey completed.
Stormwater Plan Development Tom Stanley, Bonnie Therrien TBD Requested $400,000 in ARPA funding TBD-If awarded. Applied for ARPA Funding to develop a stormwater plan. We should know by Feb. 21, 2023, if funding is awarded.
Stormwater Construction Tom Stanley, Bonnie Therrien TBD Requested $4,883,885 in ARPA


TBD-If awarded. Applied for ARPA Funding. Should know by Feb. 21, 2023, whether it was awarded.
Emergency Communication Chief Drew $500,000 + Fire Chief’s Association By 2025 all the communications equipment will be obsolete. The federal grant was denied. Applied for State assistance. Another possible grant has been identified, and they will apply if possible.
Extrication Equipment Chief Drew $100,000 Chief Drew has applied for funding. State funding has been requested (General Assembly).
FEMA Reimbursements Melanie Trexler, Dorrie Dutton, Heather Hemphill $448,200-City dock; $228,000- Kingsley The completed work at the City dock will be divided into two phases, so FEMA can finish paying out in full ($54,000 from Matthew). We can move forward inspecting and repairing the City dock damage from Isaias ($448,200 allocated). Kingsley Park funding ($228,000) is allocated. FEMA approved the change in scope. We might have to rebid because of cost change.
Find and Fix (I&I) Project Tom Stanley, Bonnie Therrien $400,000 requested TBD-If awarded. Our application scored well. We should find out by February 21, 2022.
Weather Tower Mayor Hatem, Bonnie Therrien Have raised $32,000 thus far; Mayor still pursuing funding; the project is delayed.
Lead/Copper Rule Revision (Inventory) Tom Stanley, Bonnie Therrien Oct-24 EPA has ordered an inventory to be conducted of all service line materials: Services from the main to the meter, and from the meter to the house. Tom and Bonnie met on Dec 16th to begin the project. A state letter with requirements was received. The City investigating options for collaborating with Brunswick County to use the same RFQ. The first phase is due by October 2024, and the replacement of all pipes, etc., is due in 2025.

Countywide Manager’s meeting is to be scheduled and they will discuss this.

Police/City Hall Feasibility Study Major Burke, Chief Coring, Bonnie Therrien TBD $50,000 $25,000 Police Salaries and

$25,000 City Salaries

TBD We received one quote from a consultant. Funding was approved at the January 2023 Board meeting. There was a feasibility study completed years ago, we need to find it. Police Department is working on RFQ, and Bonnie will add the City Hall information.

Capital Projects FAQ

Why is the City spending money on a feasibility study for a new building to house Police and update City Hall?

The $50,000 for a Feasibility Study was transferred from two salary line items that were not expended this year because the positions were not filled for almost 4 months. The Feasibility Study for a new Police Station is vital to make sure we are building or moving to a structure that will be accessible to the public. as well as meet the needs of the Police Department for about 20 years. As Southport grows, so will the Public Safety needs of the residents and businesses. When building for a specialized department like the Police Department, there are many mandates and requirements that need to be in place to make sure they are in compliance with State mandates and sometimes even National mandates for such things as sealed, fireproof evidence space; private interrogation rooms; record-keeping space; secure isolated access; office space for staff; specialized IT equipment; and communication devices. There are professionals who deal with building Police Stations who know what is required, what is needed, and what fits into a long-range plan for our officers. Part of the $50,000 will also allow the same company to look at City Hall and help us re-design the current building to allow City Hall to meet the long-term needs of non-Public Safety City staff. This type of study will give options to the Board of Aldermen to then decide where to place such a building, the cost, and a timeline for completion of such a building.

What is going on with the Shoreline Stabilization Project?

Our Shoreline Project Engineer, Olsen and Associates, will tentatively be presenting to the Board an update on the Water Shoreline Stabilization project on February 27, 2023, at 3 pm at Indian Trail Meeting Hall, 113 W. Moore Street. A confirmation of that date will be sent out shortly. Thanks to Senator Rabon and Representative Miller, the $5 million grant the State gave us for this project was received in 2022. A contract was signed with Olsen and Associates in November. Because of the delay in obtaining funding for this project, survey work had to be done again in the shoreline area as it had changed quite a bit since the last study was done. The public is invited to attend this meeting; there will be a Press Release and Social Media notification once the date has been confirmed.

*Please note that anytime a member of the public has a question on any project or issue in the community, they are encouraged to call City Manager Bonnie Therrien (910) 457-7900 ext. 1006 or Assistant City Manager Dorothy Dutton (910) 457-7900 ext. 1010.  There will be a monthly Capital Update Report issued and updated once per month that can be found on the City’s website.