Blueprint Brunswick – Comprehensive Land Use & Parks and Recreation Plans

Brunswick County Public Input Survey
We need your help in shaping the future of Brunswick County!The County is starting a process to prepare a new Comprehensive Development Plan & a new Comprehensive Recreation Plan, but we cannot do it without you.  Your ideas are important.  We need to hear from you in order to create the community you expect Brunswick County to become.

Close your eyes and envision Brunswick County 10 years from now.  What do you see? What don’t you see? Where will your family members and you live, work, shop, play, and relax? Are there opportunities? Are there challenges to overcome?

Please fill out this survey and give us your opinions about community character, land use, housing, transportation, recreation programming and facilities, entertainment, jobs, the environment, and the overall vision for the future of Brunswick County. We welcome any additional comments or thoughts. If you would like to add anything not addressed by a survey question, please feel free to do so in the space provided at the end of the survey.

Please complete surveys no later than January 1st, 2021. Thank you for your time and participation.