The City of Southport

Beautification Volunteers

Beautification volunteers from the greater Southport area  work on projects to help keep Southport beautiful.

Meetings are held the third Monday of each month, 5 pm at the Indian Trail Meeting Hall, 113 W. Moore Street.  All are invited to attend.

Southport Beautification Committee Members

Members are appointed for two year terms.

Beautification Projects

Most “This is Our Town”, volunteers engage in a projects around town.
From about 9-noon, volunteers work on sprucing up public parks, cemeteries, and flowerbeds.

In addition the committee has initiated projects you may have enjoyed in your travels about town:

  • Holiday Tree Lighting Festival in Franklin Square Park
  • Sailboat wreathes lining downtown streets during December and January
  • Pollinator Garden at Lowe-White Park on Leonard Street   “A Haven for Bee’s, Butterflies and Birds”
  • Live Oak patios on Moore Street
  • Stained benches and swings at the waterfront, Keziah Park on Moore Street, and Caviness Park on Owens Street and repainted visitor signs around town.
  • Landscaping at the Roundabout.

Beautification volunteers also partner with local organizations, adding extra hands for their projects:

  • Southport Historical Society – Workday at Old Smithville Burying Ground
  • City of Southport – Southport Day of Service – to learn more, please click here.

Get on the email list and join forces with Southport’s volunteer army!

Call 301-741-6698 or email [email protected]

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