A Message from the City Manager, EO 121 and 131 Compliance for Retail

City of Southport Seal

Date: April 23, 2020
From: Chris May – Interim City Manager
To: Retail businesses opening while awaiting designation as essential
RE: NC Governor’s Executive Order 121 and 131 Required Compliance Measures for Safe Operation of Essential Businesses.

1. Many businesses have applied for designation as essential, and after receiving acknowledgement from NCDOR, are remaining open pending official approval notification from NCDOR. A copy of the original email acknowledgement from NCDOR shall be posted on the business entry door. The posted copy shall be for the specific business only, and not a copy from another site. Creating counterfeit NCDOR notices is a criminal offense!

2. The NC EO 131 expands on requirements for maintaining safe social distancing as set forth below:

a. The capacity inside the business cannot exceed 20% of the fire code capacity, or five (5) customers/1000 sq. ft.

b. Staff shall be posted at the business entry to enforce the capacity rule.

c. Signs shall be posted at the business entry to advise the public of the occupancy mandate.

d. Floors shall be marked with tape or some type of marking designating six (6) foot intervals moving away from each cash register. Throughout the business at choke points, signs shall be posted reminding patrons of the six (6) foot distancing requirement.

e. Aisles shall be marked with arrows to designate one-way traffic to maintain social distancing.

f. The business entry shall post a six (6) foot marker coming in the doorway.

g. Personal protective gear (cloth face masks and nitrile gloves) shall be worn at all times by employees. Customers shall also wear face masks and gloves to enter.

h. Employees shall frequently wash hands with soap and warm water.

i. The entire business should be sprayed with disinfectant at frequent intervals.