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Your safety is a priority for the City of Southport.

We’ve provided these helpful resources from trusted sources to help you make your family’s emergency plans and stay #SouthportSafe!

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The City of Southport’s Community Notification System

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Staying connected with the community is a priority for the City of Southport.

Our community notification system “SOUTHPORT CONNECTED!” gives residents, businesses, and visitors 24/7 access to important emergency alerts as well as general community updates.

SOUTHPORT CONNECTED! is built on the Onsolve CodeRED communication system to ensure efficient, secure messaging via phone, email, and text.


There are several benefits to enrolling in the SOUTHPORT CONNECTED! Community Notification System.

  • During a crisis, real-time updates can provide life-saving instructions and information.
  • Notifications are on the go with you. You can receive important alerts and updates directly to your cell phone, home phone, text, or email.
  • You’ll receive Southport-specific alerts and updates on both emergency and non-emergency topics that matter to our community.
  • You’ll be notified when there are Public Services announcements or emergency situations that specifically impact your home or business location.
  • Your personal data is secure in the Onsolve CodeRED system, which is used nation-wide by emergency services teams and municipalities.

The City of Southport wants to provide residents, local business owners, visitors, and employees with the most relevant information exactly when it’s needed. SOUTHPORT CONNECTED! allows us to send out emergency alerts and to stay in touch with community updates.

So many choices! You may receive emergency alerts and notification from the City of Southport via cell phone, landline phone, text, or email. Or all of the above!

You choose what works for you.

Do you live in St, James, Boiling Springs, Oak Island, or other communities outside of the City of Southport?

The CodeRED system that SOUTHPORT CONNECTED! is built on will only allow you to register directly for this tool if you live within Southport city limits (i.e. you pay taxes to the City of Southport.) One reason for this is to ensure that everyone is following their local emergency services alerts that apply specifically to your physical location.

However – if you’d like to sign up to receive Southport Community Updates and other non-emergency information, we’d love to add you to our distribution list! Just complete the form below and we’ll get you CONNECTED!

The SOUTHPORT CONNECTED! Community Notification System is not connected to the Brunswick County CodeRED program, aside from being built with the same tool.

You will need to sign up for this Southport-specific tool even if you already have enrolled in the County program.

How will you know when a message is sent from the Southport Connected! application? A message will have one of the following caller ID numbers:

866-419- 5000 for emergencies

855-969-4636 for Community Updates, Covid Updates, Community Events, and other non-emergency information

800-566-9780 for Severe Weather Warning Alerts

You also have the ability to customize your caller ID number to any desired locally identifiable number. We suggest that residents program these numbers into their cell phone as a “new contact” and use “Southport Connected!” as the contact name. If you need to replay the message received, you can dial this number and listen to the message again in its entirety.

Redial the number that you received the notification from and the last message will be replayed for you.


For more information on the CodeRED Mobile Alert app for iOS and Android, please see the “Mobile app” tab on this page.

Do you have general questions about how to prepare for emergencies? (Please DO NOT use this form in cases of emergency!)

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City Information – (910) 457-7900

Emergency – for Police, Fire and Rescue dial 9-1-1
Non-emergency –  Police: (910) 457-7911  |  (910) 457-0302 fax
Fire – (910) 457-7915  or  (910) 457-7911
Rescue – (910)-457-7916  |  (910) 457-7908 fax